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Better Communication with TutuTix Help Cases

During the hectic recital season, email just doesn’t cut it as an effective communication method. Emails can get lost in transit, inadvertently dumped into spam folders, accidentally deleted, or unnecessarily duplicated. When you need quick TutuTix help, the result can be frustrating.

With this in mind, we’ve reinvented the way we communicate with our clients. Introducing “Help Cases.”

Now, clients have full access to view and create TutuTix help cases within the client portal.

To access Help Cases, just log in to the client portal and select Menu – Help.

From here, you can create a new case within the simple online interface. As soon as you create the case, an email confirmation is sent to you and your case is issued a unique case number. Referencing this number in email and phone communications about the case will keep us all on the same page and will help us address your needs more efficiently.

Case Statuses

On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see one of several statuses:

  • New: TutuTix has received the case, and has assigned a case number and a support team member to look at it.
  • Open: TutuTix support is actively working the case
  • Escalated: TutuTix senior level support is actively working the case
  • Need Client Action: Our team needs some additional information from you in order to complete this request
  • Closed, Need Future Action: This has been addressed, but will require future action by TutuTix
  • Closed, Need Client Action: This has been addressed, but requires future action from you
  • Completed: This case has been fully addressed

Creating a new Help Case

To create a new help case, you have two options:

  1. Log on to the client portal and create the help case yourself. This is the preferred method, since your contact information will be attached to the case and we can work it more efficiently. Additionally, you’ll have immediate access to your case number.
  2. Contact your territory director and have them enter the case for you. This method is preferred if you are uncertain about some aspects of your event, or if you need expert assistance. Be sure that your director provides you with a case number.

Communicating about a Case

Always reference a case number, whether in email or via phone support. This helps us ensure that we’re all on the same page.

Re-opening a Previously Closed Case

Simply submit a new case using the steps above and reference the old case number.



Eric Housh

Eric is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of TutuTix. He makes magic, every single day.