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Building Strong Relationships with Competing Studio Owners

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When you are at a business seminar or dance event, it can feel completely natural to connect with other studio owners who aren’t in your community … you might not think twice about sharing policy ideas or a marketing plan, or commiserating over some your recent challenges.

But what about studio owners in your own marketplace?

Just because we consider someone’s business to be our competition, doesn’t mean they are personally “against” us.  I believe we can develop friendly relationships with nearly anyone if we are intentionally positive and open to working together.

By default, we are all still human beings who want to cultivate friendships and who desire a sense of belonging.  Other studio owners are our peers, and most of the time they want the same kinds of things we do: fulfillment, happiness, success, and of course, relationships!

I’m proud to say that within my organization More Than Just Great Dancing®, we have some pretty inspirational members who have established a proactive, professional rapport with other studio owners in their communities.

I think this is clear proof that with just the right mix of positivity, effort, and mutual respect, connections with one’s competitors are not only possible, they are achievable!  Keep reading to learn how these ladies are Building Strong Relationships with Competing Studio Owners:


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