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COVID-19 Related FAQs:

Coronavirus Related Resources for Studio Owners

1Can I postpone/cancel my events because of Coronavirus concerns?

Yes, If your Venue, Local, or State organizations have required you to postpone or cancel your events, then we can easily handle this situation for you! If you have not received any specific cancellation notices, then you do not need to cancel your events.

2Will I be charged for postponing or canceling my events?

No, we do not charge to postpone or cancel events, especially for circumstances such as these.

3Can I change my Refund Policy to allow refunds for sickness?

Absolutely! Just let your Regional Director know or submit a help case to our Client Services team. We will issue all refunds if you choose to allow them with an updated set refund policy. As long as you have not received the payouts for ticket sales before we start to process refunds, we will be able to facilitate those requests. Otherwise, you will need to manage refunds in-house. If you do not want to manage any refunds, you can always choose to update your payout preferences to “one direct deposit after event” and that will ensure our call center is able to handle those refund requests. Refunds processed by TutuTix will be made in full. No processing fees will be withheld from your ticket buyers. In times such as these, promoting the physical and financial well-being of our clients and their patrons is a moral imperative, and there should be no penalty for helping promote the health and safety of your community.

4How do we refund sales if I have already been paid out for some/all of the tickets sold?

If you have been paid out already for ticket sales, refunds will need to be issued by your studio. Any tickets bought through us that have not yet been paid out can be processed by our team.

5Can I reschedule events that are already made and/or have already sold tickets?

Yes, We can change the date/time of events and send out a notification to anyone who already bought a ticket. We can also re-send updated email confirmations with corrected dates and times.

6Can we notify everyone who has already purchased a ticket about a cancellation or event rescheduling?

Yes! We can send out a mass email to patrons. Just send us what you would like included in that email and we will send it for you!

Please contact your Regional Director or our Client Services team if you have any other questions or concerns.

Please follow all local, state, and federal warnings pertaining to the spread of Coronavirus and be sure to check the World Health Organization website for current information and updates.

Learn more about the CDC’s COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.

Preventing COVID-19 Spread in Communities

Steps to Prevent Illness