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TutuTix Dance Recital Ticketing: FAQs

How do I set up an account with TutuTix?
It’s easy and takes just a few minutes. You can fill out the form located HERE, or call us toll free at 1-855-222-2TIX (1-855-222-2849).
Can my patrons pick their own seats?
Yes, your patrons can have full control over where they sit. We can also assign all seats based on our “best available” method if you prefer.
When do I get the money for tickets I have sold?
TutuTix is proud to offer the friendliest recital ticketing payout approach on the planet.  Each week, we direct deposit the previous week’s sales into your bank account. Optionally, you may choose to get paid a lump sum after your event via check or direct deposit.
How do my patrons get their tickets?
Patrons can choose to have their tickets delivered electronically to their email or smartphone for FREE, or to have keepsake tickets mailed to them. If they choose keepsake tickets, the TutuTix team prints out the tickets and mails them to your patrons via USPS First Class Mail.

What do the keepsake tickets look like?
The tickets are printed on elegant, full-color, foil-embossed, keepsake ticket stock, similar to the samples below.

Souvenir Ticket Fan

How do my patrons customize keepsake tickets?
A step in the online checkout enables them to add the dancer’s name to the ticket. They can add a different name for each ticket, if they prefer.
Can my patrons print their own tickets?
Patrons who choose to have their tickets delivered electronically to their email can print off their own tickets. Studio owners can even customize print at home tickets, using the customization areas shown below.

Sample TutuTix Print at Home Ticket

How soon can my event page be online?

Usually within three business days, depending on the season.

Can you assign seats?
Yes. Just provide a diagram of the venue seating chart during event set up.
Can you work with all types of dance performances?
Yes, as well as performing arts, musical theater, and more!

Can I get some sample tickets?
Yes, please email your contact information to sales@tututix.com and we’ll drop some in the mail today!

Where can I get the TutuTix scanner app for my smartphone?
If you have an iPhone, iTouch or Android phone, our free iOS scanner app can be downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play Store. Watch our video to learn how to download and use our app:

The TutuTix iOS Scanner App can be downloaded at the App Store and the Android app can be dowloaded at Google Play.

Here are some helpful scanning tips:

  1. Pre-load the ticket data by hitting the SETTINGS button at the bottom of the app, then selecting your events. Your events will show up there two weeks in advance of the first event date.
  2. Make sure the devices are fully charged prior to scanning.
  3. Prior to scanning, double Tap the “home” button on your iOS device to see which other apps are running, and close all of them. This will preserve battery life.
  4. Choose a location that is well lit to scan tickets; this will prevent you from having to use the flash on the device.
  5. Consider having a table set up to lay the tickets on for scanning (like they do in the airports). This will be a bit quicker.
  6. Have at least one back up device.

What are the Hours of the Call Center?
Monday Through Friday, 8 AM – 8PM, Saturday 9AM – 5PM, and Sunday  1PM – 5PM  Central Time

How much does it cost to use TutuTix?
We provide the service at no cost (free!) to dance studios and performing arts schools. The patron pays $1 per ticket plus the cost of processing. If there are any unsold tickets, we will print them out on our keepsake stock and ship them to you via FedEx for FREE! PLEASE NOTE: You must sell at least 100 tickets online or through our call center for each event to receive free printed door tickets for your event and free shipping.
Is there a charge for the optional keepsake tickets?
Yes, your patrons will be charged $3 per order plus $0.50 per ticket if they choose the customizable keepsake ticket.
We include free tickets as a part of our recital fee. How does your system handle this?
We will set you up with special codes that unlock the free tickets. Your ticket buyers will enter this code at checkout, and the free tickets will be added to their cart. Each code is unique and may only be used once. Each code is good up to a maximum number of seats that you specify and can optionally be valid only for specific performances.
Can you limit the number of tickets each family can purchase?
Yes. Using the same code functionality as above, we will generate unique codes for each family that must be used in order to purchase tickets. The buyer will have to enter the code online before the ticket purchase process can be completed. Each code is unique and may only be used once. Each code is good up to a maximum number of seats that you specify and can optionally be valid only for specific performances.
What is the standard refund and exchange policy of TutuTix?
By default we do not allow refunds, but do allow exchanges of the same value. Don’t worry though, that’s just the default, we’ll ask you and you can adjust the policy as you’d like.
What dance companies currently use TutuTix?
Several dance studios and performing arts schools nationwide are currently using TutuTix dance recital ticketing to handle sale and distribution of their tickets, including The Ailey School, The American Ballet Theatre, The Alabama Ballet, The Valverde School of Performing Arts, Cecchetti Ballet Theatre, Paula Zawalich Dance Academy, On Stage Theatre and more. Click here to read some testimonials.
Where do I log in to the client portal?
You can log in to the client portal here.