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Self-Confidence and Dance Costume Choices


Last year, we featured a post titled “10 Appearance Related Distractions for Competitive Dancers.” While these 10 distractions are all accurate, it is also important to consider the dancers’ self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem when you are making your costume selections.

  1. It is imperative that we costume our dancers in an appropriate way that makes them feel great, on and off stage.
  2. In a world that is so image-oriented, we need to positively uplift our dancers in their appearance and self-perception.

Think about it: as Teachers, Studio Owners, and Parents, we have the opportunity to positively influence the young dancers and girls of the future.


How to Add Rhinestone Designs to Dance Costumes

How to Add Rhinestone Designs to Dance Costumes

Everyone knows how important a great dance costume is. All of the hard work and practice put into routines by dancers deserves to be highlighted in a special and beautiful way, and a costume can do just that! If you’re like any of the studio owners I know, you put in TONS of time and effort trying to find or make special costumes that bring out the best in your dancers. One way to enhance an already great costume or upgrade an old costume is to add rhinestone designs to the costume.

Rhinestone Designs and Application 101

New to the idea of rhinestones, or never tried it before? Check out the tutorial video below. It’s a longer video, but one of the best and most thorough videos we saw online. It talks about rhinestone designs, tools, tips, and more.

Choose A Design That Fits the Costume

So you’re ready to get started! Before you do anything else, answer this question:

What do you want your “upgraded” costume to accomplish?

  1. Do you want to accent patterns that already exist on the costume?
  2. Do you want to create totally new patterns?
  3. Are you looking to just add some pop to the costume?

BDancewear’s “5 Ways to Rhinestone Your Dance Costume” has 5 suggestions on different rhinestone designs you can add to your dance costumes, plus individual how-to’s for each design included as clickable links in the video.

Like the video mentions, you can use rhinestones to:

  • Add some pop with a scattered design that is simple but effective
  • Accent an existing costume design and make different features stand out
  • Add a totally new design feature that re-imagines the potential of a costume
  • Or any combination!

Practice Makes Perfect

As with many craft projects, it takes a few tries to get it right. And if you’re trying to add some new life to a costume that will need to last for a season or a year, your work needs to be pretty good!

So, do some practicing with cheaper rhinestones on practice material to get your form down. The first video tutorial talked about some tools and techniques to make your rhinestone application perfect: don’t forget to also see what has and hasn’t worked for people before!

We found an awesome article on the blog “My Life As A Dancem0m” that talked about a few mistakes made on past rhinestone projects that became lessons for the future.

With the right preparation, practice, and perseverance, your dance costume is sure to be a future masterpiece!


Halloween Decorations for Dance Studios: 5 Easy and Fun Projects

halloween decorations for dance studios

This Halloween, get yourself and your dancers into the spooky spirit with these costume ideas and Halloween decorations for dance studios!

6 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Dance

These six costume ideas are great for a dress-up dance class day, and can even let dancers leave the studio and head straight out to trick-or-treat!

Halloween Spider Bun

Check out this super cute and fun bun hair design! Beware…..spider lovers only!

Halloween Decorations: Flying Bats

Grab some black construction paper, scissors, and use your favorite TV show time to fill your studio with some flying friends! You can find the full instructions here.

halloween decorations for dance studios

K-Cup Recycled Ghost Garland

If any of you are big fans of Keurig coffee machines (our office drinks coffee like nobody’s business), it turns out you’ve got tons of little craft-able ghosts waiting to light up your dance space! Check out the full instructions here.

Halloween decorations for dance studios

Trash Bag Spider Webs

Part of the classic DIY Halloween decorations tricks, these easy spider webs can make your studio space pop without taking too much of your time to put together.


What’s Trending for Dance Costumes 2017?

dance costumes 2017

We’re fresh off our UDMA experience, and can’t get over how many amazing costume options are in style this year. Are you ready to make the move and start choosing recital costumes for next year? Check out this list of trending styles and costume ordering strategies for Dance Costumes 2017.



We heard from The Line Up that they’ve seen 5 big trends so far this year:

  1. Graphic Branding: printing logos or other text onto fabric
  2. Printed Lace Designs on Mesh: for the illusion of a lace “tattoo” over the primary fabric
  3. The “Jersey” Look: mirroring athletics, sports jerseys, and cheer
  4. Sparkling Designs: printing flowers or other designs over sparkling fabric
  5. The “Romantic” Look: lace, fabric layers, rhinestones

A big part of several these design ideas is the use of a new printing technique, sublimation (The Line Up describes it as the ability to essentially design your own fabric at an affordable cost).

What other costume styles are on your radar? We’d love to update this article with feedback from studios!

Profitable Recital Costumes Start Now

Misty Lown of “More Than Just Great Dancing” wrote an amazing article for us with 5 of the best solutions she’s found to make the studio costume experience a positive one, and a profitable one! And it starts with:

  1. Ordering EARLY (like, think Thanksgiving)
  2. Measuring and ordering ACCURATELY (having one person do the measurements and being consistent)

You can read Misty’s full article for the rest of her strategies here!

A Quick Note on Reusing Costumes

Before you even get started shopping around online for potential costumes for sale that fit your ideas, take a look at last year’s costumes and see what you’ve got to work with. With some creativity and the right tools, studios hoping to save on costumes this year can get to work repurposing old costumes in a way that gives new life to great pieces.


10 Appearance-Related Distractions for Competitive Dancers

distractions for competitive dancers

Costumes and appearance issues can cause distractions for competitive dancers. Take the time to make your appearance a great part of your performance!

1. Costumes that fit inappropriately. Pulling, tugging, or adjusting a costume during a dance can be very distracting. The costume should fit comfortably and functionally for the entirety of a routine.

2. Costumes that do not flatter every member of an ensemble. Take every dancer into account when selecting costuming. The costume choice should make every ensemble member feel and look great.

3. Costumes lacking coverage. Costuming should be appropriate and should not make audience members uncomfortable. Keep it classy!

4. Noticeable undergarments. Undergarments (including nude leotards) should not be noticeable onstage. Pin the undergarments to hide them from view.

5. Nail polish. Unless there are uniform requirements for nails, nail polish and designs should be removed for performance.

6. Tights with Runs. Tights should look clean onstage. Tights with holes/runs are distracting. Pack extras and be prepared for emergencies.

7. Sloppy Hair. Hair should be styled and secured to last throughout the entire performance. 

8. Loose Accessories. From hairpieces to gloves to bootstraps to jewelry, it is important that any and all costume accessories be secure enough to last throughout the performance.

9. Dirty or Mismatched Shoes. Shoes should be the same style and should be wiped clean for performance. Dirty or mismatched shoes are very distracting.

10. One Shoe Look. Not Okay!

Take the time to make your appearance a great part of your performance! The look is like writing your name on a school paper– take care of the preparation portion before it is time to shine on stage. Then, the performance can fully focus on the representation of your talent!


Try It On! Dance Costumes Need to Fit, and Fit Well

try it on

Since our industry is in the midst of its show and performance season, it seems like a good time to reiterate the importance of requiring every students to have their costume and any apparel-based item, and try it on prior to leaving the studio.

The benefits include:

(1) It allows an opportunity for you to recognize/address any problems prior to the costume leaving your facility.

(2) It prepares you for questions/concerns a parent may have about a particular costume.

(3) It allows you to be proactive, informed, and knowledgeable.

Many times, a parent will present a question/concern without realizing the costume was tried on in class.

And, while many apparel issues can be resolved with a yank/tug and/or safety pins, it also presents the opportunity for you to intercept any major problems.

Keep in mind that many parents are not familiar with the fit and look of many dance costumes. Be the professional and guide them through the process. They will appreciate it, and you will feel confident in your dancers’ onstage look and appearance!

Want to read more expert advice about dance costumes and how your studio can make the most out of them? Read our article titled “Profitable Recital Costumes Start Now.”


3 Tips for Adding Rhinestones to Costumes

adding rhinestones to dance costumes

It is the season of stoning- rhinestones! Use the following tips to expedite the application process for adding rhinestones to dance costumes.

  1. Use a tool to pick up your stones! There are some commercially available devices for picking up rhinestones, but parrafin wax is effective…and inexpensive. Canning wax is available at most grocery stores. Cut a block of the wax and use a knife to carve down one side. The end result should look something like a short pencil with a flat tip. The flat tip is what you will use to retrieve the rhinestones. It is the perfect amount of stickiness for picking up your stones.
  2. Use E-6000 glue for the application process.  This glue is available at any crafting store.
  3. To keep the process organized, place some glue on a piece of paper and use a bent paperclip or needle to apply the glue. Dab the stone right on top of the glue using the paraffin applicator.

By applying these tips, you will be faster and more productive in adding rhinestones, making your dance costumes glitzy and glam in no time!

Want to learn even more about adding rhinestones to dance costumes? Check out our article called
How to Add Rhinestones to Dance Costumes.”