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Top 5 Dance Podcasts

Dance Podcasts

Podcasts have become immensely popular, and there is an unbelievable number of them out there. They are great to listen to in the car, at your desk, during your workout. There is find one for every interest and hobby. Dance podcasts are no exception. So we’ve put together our top 5 dance podcasts for you to check out!

Top 5 Dance Podcasts:

  1. Conversations on Dance – Hosted by Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Sean Breeden of the Miami City Ballet. These two experts cover all things dance, from training to choreography with a weekly guest from the industry’s best and brightest.
  2. Becoming Ballet – Hosted by expert Kimberly Falker of the Premier Dance Network. Her conversations are raw and unedited about how to make it in ballet. She never fails to entertain. If you enjoy this podcast, you should also check out her other dance podcast Ballet Uncovered ~ Balancing Pointe.
  3. Transform My Dance Studio – In this dance podcast, Clint Salter brings in guests that share their expert advice on business as well as dance. This is a fantastic resource and a must-listen for all dance studio owners looking to make theirs the ‘go-to’ studio; Salter and his guests are not only educational but also motivating as they discuss tips, ideas, and strategies
  4. The DancePreneuring Studio – Annett Bone hosts this dance podcast. She has entrepreneurial experience in and out of the world of dance that gives her show a unique perspective on what it takes to follow your passions and how to push yourself to accomplish your goals. It will inspire you, as she shares her passion for dance with her listeners that will resonate with anyone that has a love for dance.
  5. Ask Megan! – Also from the Premier Dance Network, this weekly podcast features New York City Ballet’s principal dancer Megan Fairchild. She offers advice from calls and write-ins. In some episodes, she interviews other dancers that give her listeners a rare look inside the professional world of dance.
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Dance Teachers: Three Quick, Last Minute Convention Supplies

last minute convention supplies feat

We go to great lengths to be as prepared and organized as possible at every single event, but there are a few items we ALWAYS forget for conventions. As you’re packing up, make sure you include these last-minute convention supplies!


Every time we arrive at a convention and are distributing wristbands, we always forget to have scissors on hand to cut the extra band. I have scissors in the spare sewing kit, but they will not work on most wristband materials.

Some conventions or competitions give out scissors as part of registration. Ask and see if the one you’re attending does! If not, make sure to grab that pair of scissors on the way out the door.


There is another item that is great to have on hand for travel and community/competitive performances: a SHARPIE!

This comes in handy for labeling music, forms, costumes, etc. Add it to your must-bring list!

(P.S. Make that TWO Sharpies. Someone will absolutely ask you to borrow one, and you will absolutely never get it back.)

Mobile Battery/Charger

On long weekends of competition, performance, and convention classes, it is really easy to drain the power on your device(s).

Recently, we purchased a portable battery. This device is amazing for charging on the go!

It eliminates the necessity of dragging cords, finding outlets, etc.

There are many different brands, styles, and price points available- but definitely look into it! It will make your life much more convenient!


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