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Dance Studio Ideas and More: The Official TutuTix E-Book

dance studio ideas

Running a dance studio is not a walk in the park. It takes time, it takes money, it takes passion, and it takes love. Here at TutuTix, our mission is to help dance studio owners grow their businesses and to help families enjoy their children’s love of dance.

We want to be here to support YOU, the studio owners working every day to promote your art. We’re here to help you have one less (giant) thing to worry about at the end of the year. But, we’re also here to be partners in your success. And that success happens all year long, not just during recital season!

To help make your success even better, the TutuTix team has compiled a guide filled with tips and strategies for the studio owner looking to grow their business. Best of all, we’re offering it to you for FREE. Just like our ticketing service, this e-book is available at no cost to studio owners.

You can download “Dance Studio Ideas and More: The Official TutuTix E-Book” below:


Dance Workshop Ideas: How to Host A Successful Workshop

Dance Workshop Ideas

Hosting workshops is a great way to keep your students in touch with their dance skills (plus it means some income even in the down time of the summer months). The theme or focus of a workshop can be about anything, and it really depends on your students and what you think is the most valuable use of their time. Workshops are usually one-day events, so you’ll be working with a limited schedule. Use these dance workshop ideas to plan ahead and maximize your dancers’ experiences!

Skill-Based Workshops

Skill-based workshops or skill-set intensive sessions are perfect for working on specific moves or muscle groups, and allow for polishing of the move beyond the scope of usual classroom practice. By scheduling workshops where you have multiple teachers available throughout the day, those teachers can give more private attention to students who need the most help, allowing for a single session to have several different levels of skill all improving at the same time.

Think about moves that you think might be valuable in future performance, or problems that you consistently see as moves needing improvement among your students. These projects to tackle might be more general, like improving students’ posture, or specific movements like the developpé.

Genre Introduction Workshops

As students get older, it’s important to give them options and expose them to different kinds of dance. The wider the variety of experiences available, the better students will understand which styles they like and want to pursue in more detail. Whether you host a jazz class for your ballet dancers, ballet for your jazz dancers, hip-hop or acro for everyone, help your students by pushing them out of their comfort zones and letting them try out different means of expression.

Choreography Workshops

Maybe, like many teachers hope, your students are interested in developing their own unique style and want to put together a routine. Be the mentor that guides them along that path. Host creative workshops where you provide a few song options and ask students to bring in a few movements they’d like to perform!

By breaking up students into small groups with similar skill levels, you’ll let the dancers express themselves creatively while hopefully putting together a dance that can be learned that day. Like we mentioned before, having a number of teachers available can help by hosting those smaller groups and giving each dancer more personal attention. At the end of the day, have a recital performance for the groups of students to perform the routine they’ve put together!

Make the Experience Memorable

No matter which approach you take (and please send us your suggestions for dance workshop ideas that have worked in your studio!), make sure your students have FUN! These sessions should be meant to refresh interest in dance and improve your dancers’ abilities, and to encourage your students to keep dancing at your studio (especially if they haven’t registered for the fall season yet).

Let students practice some improvisation, ask them to suggest moves they want to work on for the next half hour, or plan to have hourly “dance party moments” where you put on a Top 40 song for them to dance along with their friends in whichever style they like best. Be creative in coming up with different dance workshop ideas, and ask other teachers and studio owners for themes that have worked well for them.

Make the Experience Memorable…and Easy for You to Host!

Most importantly, make sure that the event is within your ability to host. There are varied opinions on ideal student-to-teacher ratios in the classroom: for these workshops, the more teachers you can have, the more of a handle you’ll have on each dancer’s experience.

Make a schedule for the day, and decide if it makes the most sense for the studio to provide lunch (and to build that cost into the workshop tuition amount), or to ask dancers to bring their own lunch. Will the workshop day be one long session, or two separate sessions (morning and evening)? Will parents be able to stay for the day, and where will they stay?

And, be sure to create programming in that fits your audience. A great way to find out parents’ and students’ interests is to simply ask. Create a poll on your studio’s Facebook page, send out an email to parents, or try to be asking your students about their interests so you can gather dance workshop ideas throughout the regular dance season! With the right information, you’ll be able to plan and execute the best dance workshop(s) ever.


Dance Teacher Workshops to Sharpen Your Skills

dance teacher workshops

Though most of your time is probably spent inside the studio with your classes, stepping outside to explore your own learning experiences is integral to being a great dance teacher. Expanding your perspectives and skills improves your abilities as a teacher, and, by extension, creates a dynamic classroom environment that fosters growth for your students. By regularly attending dance teacher workshops, you are supporting your own growth and development.

Traveling to dance teacher workshops for a few days takes you out of your element so you can better focus on not only your identity as a teacher, but your artistic identity as a dancer, and this growth in turn benefits your studio.

There are a wide range of dance teacher workshops across the country, so whatever areas you would like to focus on, there’s a workshop for you. Check out our list of some exciting dance teacher workshops being offered in 2016:

Horton Teacher Workshop, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Two four-day sessions of this popular workshop are held in New York City from July 11-22: Introductory/Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced. Attendees are immersed in the Horton dance technique and learn about how to train their students to better adapt to different dance styles and dance with correct body alignment. The workshops are taught by Ana Marie Forsythe, Chair of the Horton Department at the Ailey School and co-author of “The Dance Technique of Lester Horton.” Dance teachers can attend Horton classes at the Ailey School at this program, which emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning. The deadline for registration is June 30, 2016.

Summer Dance Institute for Teachers, Creative Dance Institute

A two-week course held July 18-29 is offered at the Creative Dance Center in Seattle that delves into the philosophy of “brain-compatible teaching,” which explores the connection between cognition and movement. Attendees will learn best practices in dance education methods, improve their management methods and strengthen their understanding and application of the core dance standards. In addition, attendees can take evening classes at the Creative Dance Center free of charge. A discount is offered for registering before May 15.

Annual Teacher Workshop, The Pulse On Tour

The Pulse On Tour and Broadway Dance Teacher present this exciting workshop in New York City, now in its 16th year. The workshop, held July 28-30, provides dance teachers with a wealth of fun learning experiences. Teachers can participate in 55 classes in all dance styles and attend seminars on topics like public relations for the studio, business strategies, choreography labs and finding a unique voice. The workshops also feature industry experts and faculty from The Pulse – some of which have been on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and others who have worked at top dance companies.

Dance Teacher Summit, DanceTeacher magazine

Presented by Dance Teacher magazine, the Dance Teacher Summit will be offered on both the East and West coast for the first time ever – it will be held in New York City July 29-31 and Long Beach, CA August 5-7. Created for dance teachers, educators and studio owners, the summit aims to “re-energize [their] passion for the art and the business of teaching dance,” according to the website – and it delivers on this promise through a jam-packed schedule of exciting activities. Learn advanced teaching method and smarter business practices and check out cutting-edge vendors. There’s also a glitzy fashion show promoting the trendiest styles of recital costumes and a cocktail party, along with the A.C.E. Award Competition spotlighting up-and-coming choreographers and online access to educational materials and videos after the summit ends.