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Plan Your Holiday Show NOW With These 5 Tips

Holiday Show

As dance studio owners we live in a strange DUAL WORLD.

At all times one part of us is absorbed in the demands of the day while the other part is 3-6 months out planning for the future.

Your spouse, teachers and students may not realize it, but for every question you answer about today’s schedule, another side of you is already translating that information to improvements for the next round of classes.

When your spouse is thinking summer vacation, you are thinking of fall classes.  When parents are buying back to dance gear, you are buying holiday show costumes.  When teachers are looking forward to fall break, you are looking forward to recital.

As a studio owner, you have to have your feet in the moment AND your eye on the horizon.   

In recognition of the DUAL DEMANDS on our calendars, set aside the duties of the day and take a minute to PLAN NOW for a great holiday show with the following 5 tips:

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