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Announcing the New TutuTix Client Portal

TutuTix Client Portal

One of my favorite parts of this job is when I get to unveil a new aspect of or enhancement to our service.

I especially like it when we deliver what our clients have asked for.

Coming off of the 2014 Recital season, two things were very clear. Number one, that our clients really appreciate the service we provide, and value it greatly for the drama it helps them avoid during recital season. Number two, that we could make the service even better by focusing on two things:

Visibility and Communication.

Our studio clients wanted to see more “behind the scenes” during the setup process. They also wanted to be able to see which families were buying tickets as the sales were proceeding. Finally, our clients expressed a need for a better way of communicating during the hectic recital season.

That’s why we’re proud to unveil the new TutuTix Client Portal.


Check out these posts for more information on the TutuTix Client Portal:

Event Setup and Management

Better Communication with Help Cases

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TutuTix Setup Tasks: Managing Your Event

TutuTix Setup Tasks

One of the cool new benefits of the Client Portal is that you have real time visibility into the TutuTix setup of your event.

The Event Tasks widget enables you to see exactly where we are in the event setup process, and what information is needed in order to get your event completely ready for onsale.


The key pieces of information we need to get your event on sale are:

  1. Event Date / Time
  2. Event Title (how the event will be advertised to the public)
  3. Venue Image (a bird’s eye view of the venue seating arrangement, also called a seating chart)
  4. Venue Details (the name and address of the venue, as well as details of how the seating is configured if reserved seating is preferred)
  5. Onsale Date and Time
  6. Ticket Prices
  7. Seat Holds (optional)
  8. Promo or Discount Codes (optional)

Most of that info is usually collected during the sign up process, but sometimes details need to be added or changed. The new Help Cases functionality provides a better method of communicating about event setup tasks and changes.

Be sure to check out information on Help Cases as well.




Better Communication with TutuTix Help Cases

TutuTix Help

During the hectic recital season, email just doesn’t cut it as an effective communication method. Emails can get lost in transit, inadvertently dumped into spam folders, accidentally deleted, or unnecessarily duplicated. When you need quick TutuTix help, the result can be frustrating.

With this in mind, we’ve reinvented the way we communicate with our clients. Introducing “Help Cases.”

Now, clients have full access to view and create TutuTix help cases within the client portal.

To access Help Cases, just log in to the client portal and select Menu – Help.

From here, you can create a new case within the simple online interface. As soon as you create the case, an email confirmation is sent to you and your case is issued a unique case number. Referencing this number in email and phone communications about the case will keep us all on the same page and will help us address your needs more efficiently.

Case Statuses

On the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see one of several statuses:

  • New: TutuTix has received the case, and has assigned a case number and a support team member to look at it.
  • Open: TutuTix support is actively working the case
  • Escalated: TutuTix senior level support is actively working the case
  • Need Client Action: Our team needs some additional information from you in order to complete this request
  • Closed, Need Future Action: This has been addressed, but will require future action by TutuTix
  • Closed, Need Client Action: This has been addressed, but requires future action from you
  • Completed: This case has been fully addressed

Creating a new Help Case

To create a new help case, you have two options:

  1. Log on to the client portal and create the help case yourself. This is the preferred method, since your contact information will be attached to the case and we can work it more efficiently. Additionally, you’ll have immediate access to your case number.
  2. Contact your territory director and have them enter the case for you. This method is preferred if you are uncertain about some aspects of your event, or if you need expert assistance. Be sure that your director provides you with a case number.

Communicating about a Case

Always reference a case number, whether in email or via phone support. This helps us ensure that we’re all on the same page.

Re-opening a Previously Closed Case

Simply submit a new case using the steps above and reference the old case number.