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SeatPower Online Seat Selector

SeatPOWER Online Seat Selector

Introducing SeatPower by TutuTix. A brand new kind of online seat selector that was built ground up specifically for dance performances.

SeatPower lets your Patrons pick EXACTLY where they want to sit, and makes the seat selection process easy and worry-free.

Before SeatPower, the process of picking your own seats using other online ticketing providers could be clumsy and frustrating. The reason is this: other seat selectors just don’t perform well when several hundred people are actively trying to select seats at the same time.

Check out the video above to see how SeatPower is different and better!

SeatPower re-engineers the seat selection process, by first enabling customers to get the best available seats in their desired section, effectively guaranteeing them good seats. They are then free to “shop around” the seating chart for better seats. Seating availability is updated in near real-time.

SeatPower will hold the ticket buyer’s original seats until it verifies that the new seats the customer wants are available.

This gives the ticket purchaser full control over seat selection, while ensuring that they still get great seats.

And SeatPower is the only seat selector available with high-demand capability. This means that it still works beautifully, even if hundreds of people are picking seats at the same time.

SeatPower is now available for all TutuTix accounts. Contact us to learn more about how to put it to work for you.