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Tutu Tip: Reward Your Most Loyal Customers with Codes

Every studio has loyal customers that deserve a reward, and we can help you with that. The TutuTix Rewards system allows you to control your free tickets, discounts and pre-sales like never before. Promotional codes determined by you unlock a Reward Guide to assist purchasers on the web. Just send all the details of your rewards to the support team via a Help Case in your Client Portal, or email your preferred code list to support. Some details to think through:

  • What type of reward you are offering?
  • How many tickets are allowed per code?
  • How many codes do you need?

In your client portal, choose Menu>Manage Rewards to track code uses and control when your pre-sales and promotions start. The Quick Codes widget allows you to search for codes and see if they’ve been used. Code details also populate in your order list – just look for the Rewards icon next to the ticket number. You can even download lists of existing codes and create random codes as you need them. If you have any other questions about Rewards or any other part of the TutuTix process, send us a Help Case, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.