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TutuTix Reviews

Check out these TutuTix reviews straight from the studio owners themselves:

TutuTix is one of the best Recital resources on the market! After researching other online ticketing sites, we decided this one was the best – and we were RIGHT! Not only do they take ALL of the stress out of ticketing for our shows, they are quite possibly the sweetest staff in the industry. They are ready and willing to help at every turn, and provide all the support and encouragement you need as you get this process underway. I can’t recommend or thank them enough!
- Bradian Lien, New Vision Dance, OR
I loved Tututix for our Nutcracker production. I plan to use it as much as possible! All of my customers LOVED IT!
- Marianne Kelley, Jessica Morgan School of Dance, VA
I was thrilled to try Tutu Tix for the first time with our Holiday Showcase. It was so easy and my clients were HAPPY! (Truly that’s all that matters!)!
- Tina Hansen, The Dance Factory, WI
TutuTix made selling tickets for my studio’s very first recital a breeze! Set up was easy and purchasing was super simple. Parents who used the call center were very pleased with the customer service they received, and the souvenir ticket option was a hit! I would recommend TutuTix to anyone looking for a simpler option to sell tickets for your next performance!
- Jessica Gwozdz, Studio North Dance Arts, Massachusetts
TuTuTix was great and so easy. It was quick, and all of our patrons were very pleased with how easy it was to purchase the tickets online. We loved it and will be using them again for our next recital!
- Liz Clinton To the Pointe Studio of Dance, Maryland
We loved working with Tututix. The service was excellent and the set up was easy.
- Hellie Schussler, Opus II Dance Studio, Ohio
TutuTix was the best! So easy for both the studio and our clients. When we had an issue, Tututix came to our rescue and solved it easily!
- Vanessa Berry, Kick Dance Studio, New Jersey
Thank you so much for all of your help this year!! Our performances were a great success, and Tututix made our ticketing go so smoothly!!!
- Alanna Haselbach , Kirkpatricks School of Dance, California
At such a busy time of year when so many things have to come together – we’re talking music, video, audio, lighting technicians, sound technicians, performers, parents, volunteers – TutuTix took a load off of us with great customer service and we enjoyed the experience tremendously.
- Corey Hickey, On Stage Theatre, Massachusetts
In the past, I would set up my seating chart, I would set up dates that tickets would be on sale, I would need to get tickets printed, and I would sit at a table and sell tickets for 3 to 4 weeks leading up to the date of my show. Now, in doing that, I’m also doing my regular teaching schedule. TutuTix certainly relieved a lot of stress and pressure and it gave me a lot of time to devote to other things in planning my show. Not having to deal with ticketing was a gift. It was wonderful.
- Pamela Moscatelli, Paula Zawalich Dance Academy
Parents loved tututix. They were very excited on ticket day to be able to jump on their computers from work or home and order tickets for our productions. They didn’t have to wait in line and they received beautiful, professional tickets. They had the option of putting their child’s name on the ticket, which was exciting. And the response was great. We had parents messaging us about how much they loved tututix, and they really appreciated not having a ticket day where they had to wait in line and take time out of their busy lives to buy tickets for their production.
- Brooke Scriven, On Stage Theatre, Massachusetts
With TutuTix, people could use a 24/7 online service or they could call an 800 number, they could do it from the convenience of their armchair in the living room in their pajamas if they wanted to. They didn’t have to worry about coming when our studio was open. Absolutely we’ll use TutuTix again. It’s been wonderful.
- Betty Seibert, Cecchetti Ballet Company
Tututix has been a great asset to our studio providing us with much better time management, organization, and funds collection for our events.
- Adam Thiesen, Kenosha Academy of Dance and Drama, Kenosha, WI
I have nothing but great things to say about TuTuTix. I have been using them for 4 years and I will never change. They are so easy to work with. You can call them about anything and they are always willing to help in any way that they can. My parents love the ability to be able to purchase their tickets from home at any time during the day or night. Everyone there is always very friendly and nice.
- Pam Scheuerman, Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance, Roswell, GA
TutuTix made our lives soooo much easier! With two shows, in two theaters, two days in a row it would have been a nightmare without this service! We will definitely be using this service again! Thanks!
- D'Ette Ray-Rice D'Ette & Co. Dancers, Austin, TX
Highly recommend TutuTix! Fast, easy, efficient, dependable!
- Julian Adair, Adair Dance Academy, Omaha, NE
We have had a great experience with TutuTix and would recommend you to everyone! Thank you for your help – I needed a lot and you were always very pleasant and helpful.
- Lisa Eisemann, Salinas School of Dance, Salinas, CA
TutuTix was great! It changed my life during recital season this year. Thanks so much!
- Molly Kaleikilo, Innovative Dance, Wilsonville, OR
TutuTix was such a great experience. We can’t wait to do it again this year. Thank you so much!
- Julie Stallcup, Revolution Dance Center, Montrose, CA
Tututix was true to their slogan. The staff was helpful, the process was easy and no drama from our dance families.
- Elizabeth Kinney, Capistrano Dance, San Juan Capistrano, CA
You definitely help to stop the Mama drama!!!! I am 1000000% sold on Tututix. I will never go back to the old way….EVER! All of our productions were free general admission in the past. WHAT A NIGHTMARE! TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!! Now with Tututix we charge $3 per ticket. We donate the $1.85 profit of each ticket to charity. Thanks to Tututix we have happy parents, happy director (me!) AND we have funded a program that feeds hungry children in our town for a year!!!!!!! None of my parents complain because everyone WINS!! On behalf of my customers and hungry kids in Rome GA….THANK YOU!!! No more Mama drama! WOOOOHOOOOO!
- Meredith Thomas, Rome Civic Ballet, Rome, GA
Tututix is by far one of the best parts of my recital now. It took so much stress off of me while actually giving me more control of my show. They are good at what they do, have excellent customer service, and provide a very high quality product. If you are looking for a way to increase sales and help make your program a little more stress free, definitely go with Tututix.
- Lyndzi Barnes, Danceworks of Colorado Springs, CO
Always there with answers to questions. I love not being put on hold!
- Lori Margolis, Dance Works, Lake Forest, CA
This was by far the best thing that I have done for my studio this year! I was a bit hesitant to try online ticketing because I wasn’t sure how my customers would feel, but it was smooth sailing! So easy, such fantastic help from the TuTuTix staff when the nerves kicked in, and recital day was a breeze! The ticket app was amazing and the whole process saved me so much time and energy it was like a weight off my back! Thanks for everything and we will definitely use you again next season!
- Pepe Freude, Pep In Your Step Dance Studio, Appleton, WI
TutuTix was a dream. We checked “tickets” off our list and never had to worry about a thing! We will be using them again next year.
- Barbara Minan, Conservatory Ballet, Reston, VA
I am a newer dance studio owner, only open about 3 years. For the first 2 years for recital we personally made our tickets. We thought we could save money by doing our own printing and using our own man power. This was definitely not the case. It was very difficult and we found we often missed seats or other things. When I found TutuTix, I was extremely skeptical. I saw an ad for them on Facebook and checked out their website. I still wasn’t sold. So I contacted a representative who gave me a call almost immediately. She explained everything and more and answered all of my questions. I felt like I had to give it a try because it seemed great. I definitely was still slightly skeptical because I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. Honestly, I could not have been happier. Our customers absolutely loved how simple it was. No waiting in line at the dance studio and worrying about anything. We just sat back and watched the tickets sell and the money roll in. The unsold tickets were shipped immediately. And might I add the tickets themselves were simply beautiful! The fact that our customers Everyone on their staff is so nice and helpful; from Sales to Billing and more. I will not hesitate to use them for all performances we have.
- Laura Adams, Dance Your Dreams Studio of Dance, Reading, PA
My name is Jerry, and my wife Jackie and I own / operate a Newport Platinum Dance Academy. Usually we print and sell our own tickets. However we had a baby right before tickets were to go on sale, and do to that we decided to go with TutuTix, and we are so glad we did! Tututix took all the worry and work off our plate. Not only that we were able to track out sales much easier. The best part is we actually made more money by pricing differently than we would if we sold the tickets ourselves!
- Jerry Happoldt, Newport Platinum Dance Academy, Newport Beach, CA
This was a totally new process for us so although we were very interested, we were naturally quite nervous as well. Letting go of that “control” was scary! The staff at TutuTix were wonderful. From day one – contact w/reps, customer service, tech support, etc was phenomenal. Our customers loved the ease of ordering at their leisure and being able to pick their own seats. And using the promo code feature ensured that customers with outstanding balances couldn’t order tickets until paid in full!! Wonderful! Thank you TutuTix!!!
- Elise Knecht, Knecht Dance Academy
TutuTix has given us the freedom to concentrate on all the other details we need to worry about during recital time! It has put an end to extra days and hours spent handling tickets, or specific times for parents to purchase, and no more waiting on ticket lines! They handle it all and parents can purchase at their convenience! It has made our recital preparations run so much smoother!
- Erica Corrao, A&E Dance Studio, Mahopac, NY
This was my first year to sell recital tickets, and the process was organized, easy and user friendly for my parents.
- Crissy Gonzales, Pure Energy Dance Studio, Angleton, TX
Tutu Tix saved me valuable time during the busy and hectic recital season. Not having to sell recital tickets and the drama that comes along with that was a blessing!
- Lorraine Leitmann, Dance Forever & Set The Stage Productions, Pleasant Valley, NY
Tututix is the best tool a dance studio owner can use. Not only is the set up process quick and easy but the customer service is outstanding. At a time when studio owners are very stressed producing recitals and shows, Tututix removes a huge portion of the stress and workload by providing the friendliest and most efficient online ticket service available.
- Jamie Theriot, Clermont Academy of Dance, Clermont, FL
TutuTix was a great service. It allowed me to sell my tickets at my price and when I set my quantity of tickets to high they were able to adjust accordingly, I was really grateful for that. As this was my first recital as well as first time selling tickets through a 3rd party. It relieved stress of of my shoulders to try and sell tickets. I loved how there were links to use to promote the tickets sales.I will use them again. Thank you so much.
- Ms. L , Dancer 4 Life, LA Dance Studio, Inglewood, CA
Where has this been all my life?! Tutu Tix is awesome and my new go to for all ticket selling 🙂
- Melissa Bullington, All-Starz Dance Academy, Florence, AL
After 37 years, I was skeptical about relinquishing the control of my Showtime tickets to a 2nd party. I only wish I had done it long ago! TutuTix personnel were so supportive and congenial to all our parents. It’s just what I needed at a very busy and hectic time!
- Sharon Antalis, Sharon's School of Dance & Gymnastics, Indiana, PA
We are so happy with our decision to delegate our ticketing needs to TutuTix! Their Customer Service reps were competent, helpful, and reliable… What can be a stressful, tedious part of producing our recital turned into such a simple aspect!
- Jordan Micek, San Juan Dance, Los Gatos, CA
It was our second year using an online ticket service for our dance recital. This year was our first experience with TutuTix. Working with Tutu Tix was by far the most successful. Ordering online proved to be very easy for our customers. All of our customers were happy and we plan on using Tutu Tix for our future online ticket selling needs.
- Debbie Sampson, Pamelot a School of Dance, Auburn, CA
TutuTix saved us so much time and energy! Our ticketing process was so smooth this year, I would recommend making the switch to TUTUTIX to any dance studio looking to simplify the ticketing process. We couldn’t be happier as first time users!
- Brandy Wegscheider, Elite Dance Academy, Boulder, CO
I was a little concerned about switching my ticket companies. Being in business for 25 years if things work for you keep doing them. I was so happy with my change and the professional looking ticket I received and could pass on to my families at such a great cost.
- Shelly Moore, Pink Slipper School of Dance, Leesburg, GA
I did not realize how stressful it was to do ticket sales in-house until I didn’t have to do it this year! We used Tutu Tix for The first time this year and we had the easiest and least stressful show experience to date!
- Jessica Brutlag, Company C Dance Club, Toledo, OH
Great customer service!!! Prompt answers and always by your side!! Savannah Ballet Theatre love TuTuTix!
- Abby McCuen, Savanah Ballet Theatre,Savannah, GA
With all of the preparations necessary for putting together a great performance, selling tickets has become the least of my concerns. Tutu Tix takes care of everything, so that I can concentrate on directing an amazing show.
- Tamera Clark, Faith Dance, Grapevine, TX
Once again I loved TutuTix. (TutuTix) saved me so much time during recital time. Love the beautiful tickets, love the custom seating chart, love customer service.
- Lorraine Leitmann, Dance Forever and Set The Stage Productions, Pleasant Valley, NY