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Tutu Tip: How to Use the Ticket List Report

The Ticket List Report is a complete listing of each individual ticket sold to each of your events. This can enable you to do some pretty cool things.

To access it, just click Menu – Ticket List

Within the report, you can see each ticket in it’s own row, along with the customer, price, and order method, order ID, and TIcket ID.

You can also see specific seat details, including the ticket product name, section and seat number.

Additionally, you can see when the order was placed, and the contact information of the customer. Powerful stuff!

Clicking the gears in the upper right will enable you to choose what data you want to see.

And each column is filterable using the funnel icons at the top. You can apply multiple filters at once.

You can toggle the order of the data by clicking the top of any column.

All of this data is downloadable by clicking the Excel Icons on the right.

Additionally, you can print the reports with the click of a button.

If you have any questions about the Ticket List report, please submit a help case, or give us a call or email.

Thanks for trusting TutuTix with your ticketing!

Eric Housh

Eric is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of TutuTix. He makes magic, every single day.