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Tutu Tip: Selling Tickets Through Facebook

We want to make selling tickets as easy for you as it is for your patrons buying them! So we put together this easy guide, so people can find your ticket sales right from your studio’s Facebook page

If you have administrator or editor permissions for your studio’s Facebook page, you can add a button right to your Facebook page that will take your patrons directly to your ticketing!

Log into your Facebook and navigate to your studio’s page. On the left side of your page, there should be an “+ Add a Button” option. Click on this button.

In this next step, you will select the text that appears within the button. What you select will not affect how the button works. However, to make it clear to your ticket buyers, we suggest the “Book Now” or “Shop Now” options. After you make your selection, click Next.



Step 1: Select the “link to website” option.

Step 2: Type in the URL for your TutuTix page. For example, www.tututix.com/yourdancestudio

Step 3: Click Save.

Your last step is to click Finish, sit back and, watch your ticket sales grow!