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Tutu Tip Series: How to Set Your Own Holds

Manage Holds in TutuTix

Great news! TutuTix clients can now manage their own holds from inside the client portal, with real-time visibility into sold seats. This applies to both reserved and general admission venues.

Watch the video below for a 1-minute tutorial on

“How to Set Your Own Holds”

TutuTix Holds: Video Transcript

You can now manage your own holds from inside your client portal, with real-time visibility into sold seats. Just use the “Holds” button in the “Active Events” box to add and remove holds as you need to. You can also use this feature to double-check any requested holds before your tickets go on sale. 

For general admission venues, simply select the “GA Sections” option on the “Manage Holds” page to adjust the venue capacity. For reserved venues, first choose an existing hold group, or click the “Add Hold Group” button to add a new hold group.

Next, choose the correct section and the appropriate seats that you need held.  Seats that are already sold are pinked out, and are not clickable. Other holds show up as gray. Your current hold is black.Whether your venue is general admission or reserved, always save your changes.

You can view a log of all hold updates any time on the “Manage Holds” page.

If you have any questions about how to do holds, or any other questions about TutuTix, just submit a help case by using the Menu, Help option within your client portal. As always, give us a call or email if you need to, and thanks for using TutuTix!


Eric Housh

Eric is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of TutuTix. He makes magic, every single day.